QI-Solutions’ Team building, fabrication, testing, evaluating and operating on reduced and full scale models, mock-ups, prototypes, pre-production units and research and development (R&D) test tools for fielded systems or platforms is included under N63394-98-D-1106, QI-Solutions Team:

a. Supported NSWC Port Hueneme Division (PHD) for all variants of the Standard Missile Program, providing in-service engineering, test and evaluation of missile system components; and the development of all technical documentation in paper and digital formats, and design and development of test sets and prototypes.

b. Supported the MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) launcher; includes all aspects technical documentation support, modeling and simulation for selected missile canister components and other in-service engineering functions.

c. Wired and tested the acoustic array interface board, power connections, and data connections. Populated and tested the E-field sensor board, molded and tested the E-field cable harness, and wired the magnetic array interface board.

d. Performed mathematical modeling and software simulation of propagation of biological and chemical particles through the air.

QI-Solutions’ Team also provided prototype development support to NAVSEA and NSWC PHD engineers on Multi-Function Radar (MFR), Ship Self Defense System (SSDS), and Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), as well as developed numerous extraction and data reduction tools to support T&E efforts for emerging combat system elements and self defense systems.