Capabilities & Services

Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc. (dba QI-Solutions) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business, headquartered in Ventura, CA. We are a multi-disciplined engineering and technical/professional services provider. Our subject matter experts provide customized innovative solutions and deliver quality products and services designed to meet customer needs.

Our business expertise includes in-depth operational experience on a variety of ships that include Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, LCS and several amphibious platforms. Our core expertise in command & control systems includes Ship Self Defense System (SSDS), Aegis Combat Systems (ACS), Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), Common Network Interface (CNI), Tactical Data Links, Advanced Combat Direction System (ACDS), Multi Sensor Integrated Tracking System (MSITS), Shipboard Environmental Assessment Weapon Systems Performance (SEAWASP), Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS), SQQ-89 ASW Combat System, Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT), Combat Display and Control System (CDCS), Satellite Antenna Positioning System (ASAPS), and future CVN planning. Our SME’s have planned, coordinated and conducted other ashore/at-sea training sessions as well as related human factors assessments in support of the In Service Engineering Agent (ISEA).

Our innovations include developing patented techniques to fight fuel-fed, chemical and electrical fires in inaccessible spaces using the aerodynamic ring vortex which uses the theory of blowing smoke and vapors aside to quickly suffocate the fire at its source.

We deliver the following multi-disciplined skills:

Software Testing/Hardware Integration

Our engineers have performed test planning & coordination of combat and command & control systems by developing test requirements and objectives, test plans & procedures, detailed scenarios, test reports, and test & maintenance schedules. Our test teams have conducted unit and system level testing, including carrier and expeditionary strike group (CSG/ESG) interoperability testing on new and legacy systems. We provide SME’s to verify accomplishment of technical performance specifications & operational requirements in support of Developmental Testing (DT), Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT), and Deployed Group System Integration Tests (DGSIT).

Research and Analysis/Assessments

Our technical staff has performed systems requirements analysis by researching, identifying, collecting, documenting and analyzing data sources in support of integration and management of Combat System and C4I configurations for ships, submarines and shore facilities. We directly support mission needs for Numbered Fleet Commanders by tracking, managing, and reporting fleet requirements and providing analysis and technical advice to executive leadership. Additionally, we research and compile data and summarize findings for tactical data link interoperability technical interpretation packages. We provide plain language analysis (technical writing for complex systems, functions and detailed operations) analysis of hardware and software engineering changes via the In-Service Engineering Activities (ISEA), Software Support Activities (SSA), and other Naval laboratories.

Systems Engineering/Integration

Our engineers review system requirements and other technical documentation and program specifications in order to develop industrial test procedures and perform test/integration assessments on systems/subsystems. We support Fleet technical assist visits, independent verification & validation (IV&V), and Inspection & Survey (INSURV).

Network Enterprise

Our information technology team has conducted requirements analysis for commercial network designs and LAN/WAN architecture designs. We provide network and system administration and on-site technical support. Our IT experts can conduct network security assessments and electronic documentation management, storage, replication, production and distribution.

Training and Logistics

Our very experienced test and engineering teams have provided logistic and training support for a variety of customers. We specialize in developing, coordinating and conducting technical training both ashore and at-sea by developing training curriculum (lesson plans, student guides, presentation materials, task procedures (hands-on), and knowledge & performance tests). We have conducted instructor/advisory services in support of several Navy instructional teams during the transition of new course materials. We have provided training configuration management support for transitioned courses to ensure technical change data packages were provided and entered. We have developed Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS)/Job Qualification Requirements (JQR) and technical operator documentation such as Systems Operator Manuals (SOMs) and Quick Reference Guides (QRGs).

Program/Project Management

Our program and project management teams support our customers by delivering projects with high-principled consistency, efficiency, and effective communication. We are committed to improving stakeholders satisfaction, employee productivity and implementing industry’s best practices. Our seasoned fleet and operationally savvy personnel have supported acquisition strategy and planning by assisting in developing project master plans, program/projects schedules, and detailed financial cost analysis.

Installation Planning/Technical Assistance Visits

Our experienced hardware engineers have supported CEC USG-2/USG-2A and the Planner Array Active Aperture (PAAA) Antenna as members of the Alteration Installation Team (AIT) during numerous Installation & Checkout (INCO). They have reviewed and provided expert commentary on Installation Control Drawings (ICD)/Ship Installation Drawings (SID)/Ship Alteration Records (SAR) and Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) cards.

The combination of our experience, skills and quality of personnel makes us confident that the QI-Solutions team can provide the quality services you expect at a competitive price. These key offerings have enabled our very experienced and committed team of professionals to earn the respect of many customers, while accomplishing their goals and objectives now and well into the future.