CM Support

QI-Solutions Teams’ engineering and analytical disciplines are proven to identify, document, and verify the functional, performance, and physical characteristics of systems, and control changes and non-conformance to actual configurations of systems and platforms.

a. Under GSA Task Order GS-34F-4461G, provided test and evaluation support for the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV-67) Road to OPEVAL and for the USS NIMITZ and USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN-76) Strike Groups. This support included test documentation, Configuration Control Board (CCB) chairmanship and participation, underway test event scheduling and coordination with all units.

b. Under N63394-98-D-1106, supported NSWC Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD) for all variants of the Standard Missile Program, providing in-service engineering, test and evaluation of missile system components; and the development of all technical documentation in paper and digital formats, and design and development of test sets and prototypes.

c. QI-Solutions’ Team provided configuration management of IT hardware, software and digital knowledge. As part of this effort, manages, supports and maintains 30 LANs in six geographically disperse locations using processes that are ISO 9000 registered.