Engineering Support

QI-Solutions supports the application of engineering disciplines that technically support development of new war-fighting capabilities and systems, and process engineering disciplines that systematically consider the requirements, synthesize and evaluate alternative concepts.

a. Under the Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc. contract N63394-04-P-0623 performed fleet requirements analysis on Command and Control, Communication, Computers, Combat Systems, and Intelligence (C5I), and conducted interoperability assessments for all Navy ships, submarines and supporting shore infrastructure. Worked directly with the Ship Force Interoperability Officers (SFIO) and Project Engineers (PE) researching, identifying, collecting, documenting and analyzing data sources to develop a Fleet Capability Requirements Plan addressing mission requirements of the numbered Fleet Commanders, applicable for system baselining. Mapped functional requirements to planned configurations, and identified capability gaps between planned configuration and interoperability requirements for each operational theater.

b. QI-Solutions is able to support systems engineering for boundary component development and integration of open baseline 1 phase 1 software and Ships Self Defense System (SSDS) for Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) engagement processing, Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), and elements of the combat system. QI-Solutions has an extensive background in and knowledge of operational requirements in all areas of Naval Warfare with particular emphasis on current Strike Group Air Warfare/Surface Warfare tactics and technologies impact to this mission area.

c. For COMNAVAIRPAC, under contract N00140-03-D-0001, a QI-Solutions team member developed design drawings for conversion of dry-cleaning shops into self-service laundry, arrangement modification and compartment renovation design guidance, including impacts to electrical, steam and water systems.