HF-Engineering Support

QI-Solutions’ experts apply engineering, scientific, and analytical disciplines to ensure that design of interactive systems are safer, more secure and easier to use thereby reducing accidents due to human error, increasing system integrity and enabling more efficient process operations.

a. Under N63394-98-D-1106, supported NSWC Port Hueneme Division for all variants of the Standard Missile Program, providing in-service engineering, test and evaluation of missile system components; and the development of all technical documentation in paper and digital formats, and design and development of test sets and prototypes.

b. QI-Solutions provides first hand knowledge in the operations of systems and the human factor in attaining mission success. QI-Solutions was instrumental in identifying procedures that allowed for better watchstander control and initiated design changes to the Advanced Combat Direction System Block 1, Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) System, and Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) Mk 2 Mod 0/1/2/3 incorporating innovative troubleshooting techniques and procedures now being used navy-wide.