In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support 3.19

In support of the Self Defense and Expeditionary Warfare Department at NSWC Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD) under contract N63394-00-D-1227, QI-Solutions’ Team is known for applying solid engineering, analytical, and technical disciplines and skills that establish and maintain long-term engineering, operation, and maintenance support for in-service war-fighting capabilities as well as the capability to modernize or introduce transformational technologies into those capabilities by performing In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, and Installation and Checkout tasks in support of the command’s In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) role. Our team conducts pre-and post-installation system operational tests to affirm system performance meets functional certification criteria. QI-Solutions’ team assists the government project engineer for various Self Defense System installation and modification programs, conducts installation and checkout of Self Defense Systems including RAM, SPQ-9B and NATO Sea Sparrow Missile Systems. Design, develop and maintain laptop computer-based Material Condition Assessment (MCA) software for NATO SeaSparrow Surface Missile System and Mk 23 Target Acquisition System (TAS). The software includes a database to allow the PHD techrep, while aboard ship, to capture equipment condition data related to maintenance and repair. Develop, test and apply new ISD element models include Re-Architectured NATO SeaSparrow, RAM Block upgrades, Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile System (ESSMS) and new ISD programs.

Under the NSWC PHD Advanced Underway Replenishment Engineering Contract, N63394-02-D-1250, QI-Solutions’ Team performs several tasks in support of the UNREP ISEA function. Tasking includes providing In-Service Engineering and Logistics Services for Underway Replenishment systems and equipment. Provided wide range of services including: Research and Development investigations; system arrangement and interface studies; design analysis; developed and proof out Engineering Change Proposals (ECP); plan and fabricate parts for Ship Alterations (SHIPALT), Transportation Alterations (TRANSALT), ECP backfits and AERs; create guidance, installation, and fabrication drawings; ISEA technical assistance for ships, schools and test sites; fabricate demonstration models, mockups and prototypes; life cycle support and configuration data control documents; Underway Replenishment (UNREP) manuals, documents, videos and modeling and simulation.