QI-Solutions® FY10 Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization Joint Sensor Integration Award

Oxnard, CA, 2009-08-29 Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc. (dba QI-Solutions®) is pleased to announce that the combined Joint Sensor Integration (JSI) proposal effort between NNWC (N84 IO/ISR and BM requirements), NSWC Dam Neck (F22/Netted Sensors), the Joint Early Warning Lab (JEWL) in Colorado Springs, CO., and QI-Solutions has been awarded full funding by the Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (JIAMDO) for FY10.  CDR Tony Simmons, JIAMDO/CDD additionally commended the teams overall effort to reduce the delta between the total requested funding and the FY 10 JDEP budget by consolidating C2 and Integrated Missile Defense (IMD) proposals which provided an example for future integration synergies among Service and COCOM mission areas. 

The JIAMDO/JSI Test and Evaluation (T&E) proposal was ranked number one out of the ten proposed and was clearly the top integration effort listed at the Service and COCOM levels. Out of twelve voting members, the Air Force, NORAD, NORTHCOM, JFCOM, and the JCS J8 all voted this initiative as the number one priority.  The JSI event will mark the first T&E venue where all three Navy SYSCOMS and small business industry will come together and participate at the COCOM level in a fused, joint environment. Simply stated data will be passed down from the strategic level and up from the tactical level in an Operational Level of War (OLF) environment focused on C2 and IMD.