Seaport Enhanced

Quality Assurance

QI-Solutions is a small business which practices quality control in both business management and service processes. Our team takes QUALITY seriously and endeavors to better our national defense with superior products and services. QI-Solutions and its partners look for ways to link to speed, efficiency, and rid waste by providing tools that reduce lead-time of any process thus eliminating non-value or added cost. Our QA plan identifies measures of quality for end item use, major components, as well as the process for submission, tracking, and resolution of service and product improvements. Our team is familiar with and uses the precepts of internal quality control. The QI-Solutions Team works with the customer to establish a systematic approach to developing, maintaining and distributing a quality product by pursuing continual improvements based on customer wants and needs.

It is the goal of our team to ensure that all products are used as intended and that their requirements are adequate, understandable, and implemented in a manner conducive to the overall task order delivery success.

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