ITES - 2s

Enterprise Design
During development of new systems and software, understanding and resolving interoperability requirements and issues is considered critical to meeting minimum system requirements. QI-Solutions personnel support stringent interoperability standards and work with our customers to help them meet all requirements. Our programmers understand the requirement for full integration of new systems and work closely with our customers to gain a full understanding of existing systems which is critical to successful integration. QI-Solutions fully understands the need for in-depth requirements analysis and strives to obtain this knowledge in the most expeditious manner. When necessary, outdated systems can be reverse engineered to identify integration issues and to ensure existing functionality can be retained or improved upon. Our personnel fully understand the need to effectively manage the software lifecycle and routinely document software development and enhancement. Thorough tracking and documentation of software as it is developed is critical to understanding program performance and aids in resolution of performance problems. Such documentation is especially valuable during test and evaluation processes to not only validate proper system performance, but to identify weaknesses in the software. Our capabilities in test and evaluation are well known with NAVSEA and in great demand for software and hardware integration and performance tests.