QI-Solutions® Achieves Milestone in Space Technology

QI-Solutions® announced that Mr. Guy Cooper, Head of Research and Development at Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc.SM, completed the patent application process today. Today’s filing culminates a 4-year effort to develop a practical solution for orbital issues occurring in satellites with no self-propulsion capability. Theoretically, this solution can be applied to clearing dangerous space debris out of orbit and may also have application in deflecting smaller asteroids from an earth-bound trajectory. This latter was reported in a paper at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc (AIAA) Conference in Washington, DC last week. Good ideas don’t come easily and development of new technology to implement those ideas takes even longer. As far back as 1979, when NASA identified SKYLAB’s decaying orbit, Mr. Cooper began to think of ways to modify the trajectory of space objects by an external force. What began as an idea to modify an F-14-launched Phoenix missile to push SKYLAB into a higher orbit ultimately became the product for which the patent application was made. A provisional patent was issued in March 2006 and today’s action is the final step for Mr. Cooper and Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc in the patent application process.