Information Systems (IS) Development, Information Assurance and Information Technologies 3.12

QI-Solutions provides information system software analysis, requirements definition, design, development, test, modification, installation, implementation, quality assurance, training, and documentation to meet the evolving data storage and reporting needs of programs and management within its own walls. We analyze existing information technologies (IT) and information systems (IS) databases, web sites, and IT applications and recommend new or improved interfaces using improved management tools that meet enterprise requirements. QI-Solutions maintenance and technical support for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) outside the cognizance of NMCI are manged by QI-Solutions personnel. We can conduct Informational Assurance (IA) analyses, develop, recommend, and implement, monitor, update, and maintain network systems. IA practices, procedures, equipments, algorithms, and hardware that are outside the cognizance of NMCI suppot our coporate infrastructure. QI-Solutions can further provide IS, IA, and IT support to NSWC PHD and boasts a viable corporate program as a prime example of that capability.

Provided information technology consulting services and software development as required by NSWCCD-SSES to include services for digital product data management, electronic publishing, automated content tagging, technical/training data integration efforts, and Technical Data Knowledge Management (TDKM) support services.